The matchbox

Surprisingly I wasn’t that tired when I woke up. I had a ‘you’ve-not-slept-long-enough-headache’ though >.> I had a lot of time to eat after I got ready really fast, but I still somehow managed to almost be late for my bus X_X The weather is now absolute complete shit - Stormy wind, rain, snow, everything at once ughh. So waiting for bus number 2 wasn’t fun.

Came to work pretty soaked, luckily I have my amazeballs rainboots ^_^ There was a lot of extra things to do and think of, and about 25 extra kids to make sure got their tasks done correctly X_X People were late and just walking around like zombies so I’ve been running around like an idiot making sure this was gonna go as smoothly as possible - So far so fucking good!

Now I just needed a break. Almost 200 people here. Noisy and ugh blergh ehhh and so forth. I wanna go home soon :c But this is probably going to go an hour over time- Woohoo…. No.

*Sips disgusting water while wishing for a stiff drink*

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¤ 04 - 28 - 13 (PM)
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